• How to repair coaxial wire cable

    Coaxial wire is a single copper strand, and is insulated by a ground shield and plastic coating. Follow the steps below to repair a damaged coax cable.

    Damaged End Piece Repair

    Step 1- Cut out the damaged portion of the coax.

    Locate the damaged portion of the wire and cut it off cleanly with a coaxial wire cutter.

    Step 2- Strip back 1/2 inch of wire.

    Using coax strippers, strip the plastic outer layer insulation back about 1/2 of an inch evenly.

    Coaxial Cable Strippers

    Step 3- Strip half of the white plastic coating inside.

    You should now see some wire strands surrounding a smaller white plastic insulator. Using your coax strippers, strip about half of the white insulator down to the solid copper wire in the middle.

    The Stripped Coax

    Step 4- Pull back the ground shield.

    You are now left with a 1/4 inch copper solid wire, and a 1/4 inch of white insulator with wire strands wrapped around it. Pull back the shield wire strands over the outer black insulation to expose the white insulator. Remove any plastic film from the shield wires to ensure a proper ground is formed.

    Coax with strands folded back

    Step 5- Slide on the new end piece and crimp it down.

    Slide on a RF coax crimp connector, and crimp down using a coax crimping tool. Use either the crimp style or twist on style. All that should be protruding through the connector is the solid copper wire.

    The coax crimped

    Broken Middle Section Repair

    Step 1- Cut out the damaged section and follow the repair steps from above.

    If you find a broken middle section on your coax wire, you will have to cut out the broken area and perform the steps above on both cut ends.

    Step 2- Grab the two new cable ends.

    You should be left with two male connector ends as seen below.

    Step 3- Insert the male ends into the female connector.

    Use a female-to-female coaxial cable connector, and plug each male end into it. You have now spliced your coax the easy way.

    Coax female-to-female connector

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